DyCom Group Environmental Policy 2014

The DyCom Group (Dycom) consists of four organisations: DyCom Business Systems (DBS), DyCom Cloud Solutions (DCS), DyCom Security Solutions (DSS) and DyCom Wireless Solutions (DWS). DyCom’s business in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) impacts the environment in a number of ways. We accept that we need to conduct our activities in a manner that is responsible in social and environmental terms and positively contribute to address some of the current challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation and natural resource depletion. DyCom’s business operations will comply with relevant environmental legislation and more importantly by progressively taking actions to reduce its environmental footprint become a leader in the future low carbon economy. Improving our environmental performance is a key element of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

DyCom Environmental Policy Goals are:

  • Reduce the company’s use of fossil fuels.
  • Reduce the company’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Reduce and manage the disposal of e-Waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Reduce the use of natural resources required to conduct our business operations.

To achieve our goals the company will:

  • Educate our staff on the environmental aspects of the company operations and provide strategies to reduce our collective impacts.
  • Ensure that our operations comply with local, state and federal government environmental laws
  • Ensure that our managers carry out decisions taking full consideration of environmental impacts
  • Establish and maintain a simple Environmental Management System
  • Set improvement targets, continually review and improve our operations environmental performance
  • Review our environmental performance on a yearly basis
  • Publish and report the results of the company environmental performance reviews
  • Promote the use of public transport for employee travel

DyCom’s Management Team fully supports this Environmental Policy and commits to meet its policy goals, strategies and targets as a fundamental part of our business operations.

It should be clearly noted that while DyCom management will make every attempt to ensure that environmentally conscious policies and practices are integrated into the work ethic and culture, it remains the responsibility of each and every employee to adhere to these policies and procedures.

Policy Authorised by Mark Stecher – Chief Executive Officer Date 15 January 2013