Licensed Point to Point

Licensed point to point systems require a co-ordinated license from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). They operate in a variety of bands from 6 Ghz for long links (up to 50 Km) to 38 Ghz for short links (up to 4Km). They range from 50 Mbps full duplex to 500 Mbps full duplex transmission. License costs depend on the spectrum used and the area of operations. Licensed links are typically used for mission critical applications such as connectivity to data centre or disaster recovery facilities, hospitals or utilities as they deliver guaranteed performance and uptime. The systems come in two different formats: split systems or all outdoor systems depending on the type of applications.

Some of the systems include:

  • Aviat Eclipse split system
  • Aviat WTM3200 all outdoor
  • Cambium Networks PTP800
  • SIAE Alfoplus all outdoor
  • NEC iPasolink