DyCom Wireless Solutions Operational Health and Safety Policy 2014

Policy Objective
No injuries in the DyCom Wireless Solutions workplace… ever.
All the staff at DyCom recognises that the health and safety of our employees, customers, subcontractors and members of the public is of the highest importance, more so than the company’s equipment and service. Safe work practices are thus an integral part of the business activities of the organisation.
DyCom Management has and will continue to take every reasonable effort to prevent employee injury / illness / property damage and to promote the health, safety and well being of all employees working on or off site. This commitment is extended to any independent contractors and their employees who are working at the workplace on matters under the DWS’s control and to members of the general public.
DyCom Management will be responsible for the company’s strategic planning in relation to occupational health and safety. This will involve the provision of resources (finance, policy, staff and access to outhouse consultation) which will be devoted to achieving and maintaining the workplace health and safety objective.
DyCom Management is committed to achieving effective consultation and collaboration between all levels of management, supervision and other employees to implement and constantly improve our methods. We seek the co-operation of all company employees in upholding a high standard of accident prevention and risk reduction by adhering to safety rules, and reporting all hazards to their immediate supervisor(s), or manager(s).
DyCom Management will ensure compliance with legislative requirements stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 and current industry standards in order to:

  1. Arrange, provide and maintain a safe plant and work place environment that is without risks to the health and safety of all employees.
  2. Provide procedures and instructions to ensure safe systems of work in connection with the use, handling, storage and transportation of plant and substances.
  3. As far as practicable, monitor the health of employees and conditions in the workplace.
  4. Provide engineers with Working at Heights, Construction Industry Induction and First Aid training as appropriate.
  5. Ensure that all company vehicles are roadworthy and safe to drive by regular servicing and audits.
  6. Promptly investigate the cause and authorise corrective action for every incident / accident, irrespective of whether it results in injury.
  7. Provide measures and facilities, where necessary, to deal with emergencies and accidents, including adequate arrangements for first aid and rehabilitation.
  8. Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees to enable all staff to work safely.
  9. Ensure that all employees understand their delegated roles and functions in the process of health and safety management in the workplace.
  10. Establish safety committee(s) that will serve the purpose of overseeing health and safety management, consultation, and issue resolution on health and safety matters.
  11. Create and maintain a record keeping system relating to all matters of health and safety.
  12. Provide adequate welfare facilities for employees including washrooms, dining areas and drinking water.
  13. Ensure that alcohol and illegal drugs are not consumed during work times at our customer sites or our premises.

It should be clearly noted that while DyCom management will make every attempt to ensure that OH&S policies and practices are integrated into the work ethic and culture, it remains the responsibility of each and every employee to adhere to these policies and procedures.
Policy Authorised by Mark Stecher – Managing Director
Date 16 February 20